Why is SERVA.ONE the best VPS for VPN?

What makes SERVA.ONE, a VPS hosting provider, the best choice for creating a VPN? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this hosting provider.

Unlimited traffic:

To create a VPN, it is necessary to process large amounts of data, and the unlimited traffic provided by SERVA.ONE is incredibly useful. There’s no need to worry about exceeding limits and overspending the budget.

No DMCA complaints:

Many hosting providers receive DMCA complaints about content hosted on their servers. This can lead to service termination and problems with customers. However, SERVA.ONE does not receive such complaints due to its strict policy regarding usage rules and content control.

Includes TUN/TAP:

To create a VPN, it is necessary for the VPS hosting provider to support TUN/TAP adapters. However, not all hosting providers do this. SERVA.ONE includes TUN/TAP adapters on all its servers, which ensures easy setup and management of the VPN.

Starting from €6/month:

SERVA.ONE provides affordable pricing starting at just €6/month. This allows users to set up a VPN with minimal costs.

Multiple locations available:

SERVA.ONE provides access to servers in several locations, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, and Latvia, and plans to expand the list of locations in the future. This allows users to choose the optimal location for creating a VPN.

All IPs correspond to the chosen location:

To create a VPN, it is necessary to have an IP address corresponding to the chosen location. SERVA.ONE guarantees that all IP addresses provided on its servers correspond to the chosen location in IP databases. This ensures a more stable and secure VPN connection.

European company jurisdiction in England:

Legal issues are an important aspect when choosing a VPS provider to create a VPN. SERVA.ONE is registered in England, making it a good choice for those who value privacy and security online.

Table of tariffs:

TariffRAMCPUNVMe SSDBandwidthTransfer
€6/month1GB1 Core10GB1GbpsUnlimited
€12/month2GB2 Cores15GB1GbpsUnlimited
€24/month4GB4 Cores25GB1GbpsUnlimited
€48/month8GB8 Cores50GB1GbpsUnlimited

In conclusion, VPS service – SERVA.ONE is an excellent choice for creating a VPN. The service offers unlimited traffic, supports TUN/TAP, and provides IPv4 and IPv6. The service has several locations in different countries, as well as fast customer support through a ticket system and a convenient control panel.

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